Here we answer any questions we’ve received about Pink Shirt Day 2021. If you have a question, please send it to

I am wondering how we connect once a ticket is purchased. Do we receive a link to log into? 

Each school will receive a link to share the day before the event they’ve registered for.

How can the whole school connect if classes must stay in their classroom bubbles.

Whether your students are in a classroom or learning at home, your school’s link will work for them.

How do we know that we’ll be able to stream this event?

A technical support document will be sent out to registered schools, and we will have a technical support person on hand during the events.

Are these events going to be appropriate for primary students?

Yes, the main audience for these 45 minute events are children from K – grade 12. In addition to Travis Price’s presentation, we will have a live Question and Answer session, fun video content, and our mascot Witsup will make an appearance.

If we were to sign up, would we have to stick to the same time and day for the whole school or can each class join for a time that works for them?

Because we will be acknowledging each school within the events, it’s really preferable to have all the classes in one event. If you need to break them out, we can accommodate that, but we would need to know which event your classes would be in.

Do we get a recording of the event afterward?

I’m sorry, no. The content of the events is protected by copyright of Travis Price and WITS Programs Foundation. As well, modified recordings can jeopardize our brand and future events.